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Aromatherapy Massage

World of Beauty massage

Relax the body, soul and mind and at the same time get rid of cellulite through a relaxing and revitalizing World of Beauty massage.

Let yourself be pampered by a unique massage ritual, relax with organic sensitizing oils and give you the ultimate relaxation effect. The combination of lymph drainage that is performed by special drainage movements and pressure on certain points and Ayurvedic massages creates an internal balance and contributes to the enhancement of your physical and mental health. During drainage the lymph nodes are opened first and then the drainage of the individual parts of the body, after the chest and stomach passes to the drainage of the buttocks, knees, lower limbs and feet accompanied by the movement of the lymph. This massage is created according to your needs and leads to relaxation and has a soothing effect.

World of beauty massage regenerates and enhances the functionality of lymph vessels, drain proteins and water from the interstitial space, drains harmful substances into the lymph nodes, and into the kidneys that will urinate them out of the body, thereby improving immunity. World of beauty massage naturally fights against cellulite. The most common aesthetic problem of women is just cellulite. This problem is often associated with obesity, although cellulite is not a form of obesity and may occur in very slim individuals. World of beauty massage is the most natural way for the body to release toxins accumulated in fat cells.


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