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Body Aromatherapy

Body aromatherapy

Body aromatherapy treatment consists of a relaxing body massage with the application of essential oils to relax and improve the psycho-physical condition. It provides the possibility to maintain mental balance, strengthen the immune system, release tension, balance and calm emotions in a completely natural way with the help of plant extracts.
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Organic Magic

Organic magic

By changing the seasons and temperature, the skin always requires special attention. It is the right time to treat yourself or a loved one to this pleasure. The worries and stress of everyday life will simply disappear after the Organic Magic.
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World Of Beauty Massage

World of Beauty massage

World of beauty massage regenerates and enhances the functionality of lymph vessels, drain proteins and water from the interstitial space, drains harmful substances into the lymph nodes, and into the kidneys that will urinate them out of the body, thereby improving immunity.
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Relax Massage

Relax massage

Relax massage improves circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. This massage eliminates tension and eliminate the negative impact of stress. Gentle movements remove dead cells, nourish and tighten the skin.
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Pharaonic Massage

Pharaonic massage

This massage does not belong to the group of massage where you will be able to fall asleep or sail away somewhere in my mind. It is intended solely tense muscles, joints, tendons, with emphasis on vertebral region, shoulder belt, cervical spine and upper and lower extremities.
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Partial Massage

Partial massage

Massage increases blood circulation in the body, which means that it brings more oxygen, and removes harmful substances from the cells of the body. At the same time, massage can help sore muscles and joints, increase the flexibility of the skin and body, tone muscles, improve the body's resistance and have an anti-stress effect.
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Massage For Pregnant Women

Massage for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the woman's body goes through many physical and emotional changes, due to which can lead to various problems, primarily stiffness, pressure, pain, and often additional stress. 40-minute body massage with oil on a natural basis.
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Massage With Chocolate

Massage with chocolate

World hit, chocolate massage, especially the spa experience. It is not only relaxing massage special techniques, it is also a treatment body care that nourishes the skin, leaving it firm and elastic, and her way of massage stimulates circulation in the peripheral blood stream.
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