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Partial massage

The massage is applied to a certain part of the body (arms, legs, feet, back, head), with the aim of massaged body further relax.

Massage increases blood circulation in the body, which means that it brings more oxygen, and removes harmful substances from the cells of the body. At the same time, massage can help sore muscles and joints, increase the flexibility of the skin and body, tone muscles, improve the body’s resistance and have an anti-stress effect.

Massage is not only relaxation, but also a preventive measure against the accumulation of stress as well as to facilitate the emotional and physical tension. Muscles filled with oxygen and relaxed at the hands of therapists, thankfully will “respond” reduced tension, and your body will enjoy the new amount of healthy energy, which will all together make you less tired and ready for a new business and other obligations.

Duration of treatment 20 minutes.


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