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THALGO Exceptional

THALGO exceptional

Exceptional - exclusive and prestigious tretmant with phyto hormones from seaweed is a real elixir for mature skin. The mask from bio-cellulose which is enriched with a high concentration of phyto hormones, stimulates cell renewal, reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, prevent the emergence of new.
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Apolo Treatments

Apolo treatments

Apollo is a medical CE certified "all-in-one" solution for the reduction of excess fat, scope and renewal of collagen for skin tightening, wrinkle removal and reduction of signs of aging.
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LPG Face Lift

LPG face lift

LPG Endermology provides a treatment that strengthens the skin of the face, neck, chest and breasts, remove and reduce wrinkles and skin returns tenderness and translucent complexion.
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THALGO Silicium

THALGO Silicium

What happens to the skin after the age of 40? Thalgo silicium treatment is intended for skin that has lost its strength and elasticity with a bad tone in the neck and deep wrinkles on the face.
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THALGO Deep Hydration

THALGO deep hydration

Combination Seve marin extracts and masks of marine polysaccharides and alginate performs complete hydration for dehydrated skin and deeply renewed, making the skin soft and silky.
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THALGO Hydration

THALGO hydration

At the first signs of aging, skin need continuous deep moisturizing. The cosmetic company Thalgo has developed special treatments that give an answer to these requirements.
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Facial Mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy

We are constantly developing system in the aesthetic medical field is a result of the growing needs of customers for non-invasive, less painful, painless and financially affordable treatments. Mesotherapy is one of them.
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Apollo Body Treatment

Apollo body treatment

The TriPollar method is a unique patented system of the 3rd generation of the use of radiofrequency energy in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. It represents an unparalleled method for improving the physical appearance in an effort to achieve the perfect figure through remodeling and aesthetic design of the body.
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Body Peeling

Body peeling

Gently removes the surface layer of dead cells of the epidermis and keeps the natural moisture supply. Body peeling is done with chocolate or sea salt.
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Mesotherapy Body

Mesotherapy body

When it comes to the body, mesotherapy eliminate cellulite and localized fat deposits, treating the problem with stretch marks, and remove the signs of aging skin and its rejuvenation.
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