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THALGO deep hydration

Combination Seve marin extracts and masks of marine polysaccharides and alginate performs complete hydration for dehydrated skin and deeply renewed, making the skin soft and silky.
Skin is revitalized, remineralizovana, fine lines are filled with a tan is brilliant dazzling brilliant.


  1. Exfoliation with sea crystals – enzyme mechanical exfoliation for all skin types deep cleansing and
    2. Hydra Marin concentrate – ampoules – with plant polysaccharides done hydration deepest layers of the skin, hyaluronic acid provides a reserve of moisture in the skin and fills wrinkles. Extract Candida saitoana done detox cell.
    3. Oligo Marin massage gel with oligo-elements – a mix of sea minerals and oil from Skema Raspberries rich Omega 3 and 6 Essential fatty acids and Macadamia with omega 7:09 essential fatty acids offers innovative massage structure for long and relaxing massage.
    4. Hydra Marin mask – creamy mask. With the help of algae extracts provides water to the epidermis from the deeper layers of the skin and hyaluronic acid fills in fine lines.
    5. Marin Hydra Infusion Mask (peel-off) – The mask rich in alginates and a high concentration of marine minerals and trace elements.
    6. Marin Hydra Gel Cream – This fine, lightweight emulsion provides skin hydration 24 hours not Mastec the same time. Makes the skin immediately with fresh, revitalized and shiny.




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