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Presotherapy – Lymph Drainage

Presotherapy – Lymph drainage

The overall treatment leads to a state of relaxation, cessation of sleepiness and pain that may have been present earlier. Lymph drainage, called and presotherapy, achieves balance of fluid in the body and a better general condition of the body.
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World Of Beauty Anti-cellulite Massage

World Of Beauty anti-cellulite massage

Massage with top-of-the-line World Of Beauty products is one of the best ways to relax, help relieve stress, reduce tension and muscle pain, but is also one of the most effective allies in the fight against the cellulite.
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LPG Alliance, A New Patented Technology

LPG Alliance, a new patented technology

LPG Alliance is a device that beat cellulite with three-dimensional massage, lymphatic drainage, intensive lipolysis and body skin lifting. This device, which works on the principle of vacuum, achieves the result of a slender body without "orange peel" with well-groomed and supple skin.
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Med2Contour – Wizard To Create The Body

Med2Contour – wizard to create the body

Med2Contour is the best and first, real alternative to surgical liposuction! It is the only device in the world that provides lasting results that are immediately visible - an average reduction in volume of 2.5 cm after the first treatment.
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Apollo Body Treatment

Apollo body treatment

The TriPollar method is a unique patented system of the 3rd generation of the use of radiofrequency energy in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. It represents an unparalleled method for improving the physical appearance in an effort to achieve the perfect figure through remodeling and aesthetic design of the body.
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Body Peeling

Body peeling

Gently removes the surface layer of dead cells of the epidermis and keeps the natural moisture supply. Body peeling is done with chocolate or sea salt.
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Mesotherapy Body

Mesotherapy body

When it comes to the body, mesotherapy eliminate cellulite and localized fat deposits, treating the problem with stretch marks, and remove the signs of aging skin and its rejuvenation.
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Body Derma Rollers

Body Derma rollers

Derma rollers have a wide use in the treatment of the body, depending on customer needs. It represents a minimally invasive technique that raises the level of collagen in the skin.
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