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Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing

The basic step that precedes solving any of the skin problems we have is facial cleansing. At the F&A Center, we approach each client individually and use modern diagnostics to determine which treatment is best for his skin type and problems.
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Exclusive Cosmetics Babor

Exclusive cosmetics Babor

Babor combines the best of nature and science! Treatments with these cosmetic products are luxurious and you can use them to satisfy your skin and provide it with top-notch exclusive care and impeccable health.
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HYDRA Treatment With Oxygen

HYDRA treatment with Oxygen

Hydration, rejuvenation and refreshing  of the skin the face, neck and décolleté. Hydra oxygen treatment is a comprehensive skin care treatment that combines skin cleansing, facial abrasion, which is performed under the influence of hydrophilic active substances under pressure, vacum massage and the introduction of the active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.
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Rejuvenate Your Face With A Completely Painless HIFU

Rejuvenate your face with a completely painless HIFU

Thanks to technological advances and innovative discoveries in the world of aesthetics, non-invasive treatments can today achieve a result that previously could only be obtained through surgery. One of them is the latest HIFU face lifting device that enables nonsurgical tightening and firming the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and body.
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Try the 3-in-1 super facial. Concurrent skin care & oxygenation. The skin looks younger immediately after the first treatment. Each OxyGeneo ™ treatment relieves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pores, hydrates and nourishes skin, revitalizes tired skin and improves the overall appearance of the face.
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OxyGeneo By Pollogen

OxyGeneo by Pollogen

Try 3-in-1 Super Facial which is better for professionals than microdermabrasion. OxyGeneo is a unique facial treatment that simultaneously achieves deep cleansing of the face, infusions of essential revitalizing nutrients, healing of skin oxygenation from the inside with oxygen from your own blood and anti-aging effect.
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Face-Up Dermabrasion

Face-Up dermabrasion

This treatment encourages the creation of new collagen and elastin. Given that he alone combines the effects of abrasion and micromassage at the same time, Face Up provides the most comfortable treatment with remarkable aesthetic results.
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THALGO Hydration

THALGO hydration

Facial treatment for mature skin. At the first signs of aging, skin need continuous deep moisturizing. The cosmetic company Thalgo has developed special treatments that give an answer to these requirements.
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THALGO Exceptional

THALGO exceptional

Exceptional - exclusive and prestigious tretmant with phyto hormones from seaweed is a real elixir for mature skin. The mask from bio-cellulose which is enriched with a high concentration of phyto hormones, stimulates cell renewal, reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, prevent the emergence of new.
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Apolo Treatments

Apolo treatments

Apollo is a medical CE certified "all-in-one" solution for the reduction of excess fat, scope and renewal of collagen for skin tightening, wrinkle removal and reduction of signs of aging.
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