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F&A ULTRA BEAUTY CENTER is an oasis in the center of Sarajevo and knows how to bring you moments of enjoyment. We have prepared packages that will relax you, but also fill you with positive energy. Massage aromas are available, then pampering face and body treatments with chocolate scent notes, cleansing pedicure and manicure therapies as well as a luxurious body treatment with vitamin C that will give you a bright and healthy look.

Sunday is now the day for your enjoyment!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Warm peeling with chocolate

Relaxation massage with aromatic herbs

Duration 60 min

Facial cleansing (peeling, hot chocolate oil face massage, white choko mask)
+ Paraffin packaging of hands and feet.

Duration 150 min

Treatment price 120 KM

Pretty Woman

Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee

Anti-cellulite body treatment dr. Murad

Duration 90 min

Quick manicure + pedicure

Duration 60 min

Treatment price 110 KM

Magical Fruit

Fruit body scrub

Massage orange oil

Duration 60 min

Pedicure de luxe

Manicure with fruit mask

Duration 90 min

Treatment price 120 KM


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