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Rejuvenate your face with a completely painless HIFU

Relying on the passage of energy through the epidermis, the treatment with this medical device leaves no traces on the surface of the skin, and various transducers will take care of the penetration into all layers of the skin. Given this comprehensive effect, it is not surprising that the results are visible after the first treatment, and the full effect of facial rejuvenation is achieved after 3 to 6 months. One of the biggest advantages of the treatment is that its results last from one to two years (depending on the problem being treated), and in most cases only one treatment is sufficient.

HIFU treatment results:

  • collagen and elastin renewal
  • improving, straightening and tightening muscles
  • lifting the eyelids
  • reduction of nasolabial folds
  • tightening sagging skin
  • chin reduction
  • reduction of smaller and deeper wrinkles
  • acne reduction
  • reducing scarring caused by acne

Advantages of HIFU treatment:

  • non-invasive therapy
  • safe and effective alternatives to invasive procedures
  • the recovery process is not required
  • there is no risk of infection
  • the results are visible immediately after the procedure

After consulting a therapist, you can decide on a complete face or choose a specific area.


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