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Massage with chocolate

World hit, chocolate massage, especially the spa experience. It is not only relaxing massage special techniques, it is also a treatment body care that nourishes the skin, leaving it firm and elastic, and her way of massage stimulates circulation in the peripheral blood stream.

Massage with chocolate maximum will relax, also nourish the skin and refresh and renew. Chocolate will make your skin soft, softer and marvelously smooth. Extremely anti-stress effect of chocolate encourages you to relax and reduce stress. Chocolate deeply hydrated skin with natural oils that are found in cocoa butter. Far more effective and nourishing of ordinary lotions and oil, so that the chocolate massage is especially beneficial for dry skin.

Massage with chocolate is a unique treatment for beauty and well-being, that leaves skin nourished rich, fragrant, soft and velvety chocolate.

You need a massage that will calm you down, reduce the accumulated stress and tension, but rather gloomy mood, such as the time that accompanies us all these winter months, provide a sense of satisfaction and happiness. If you decide to chocolate massage, this will give you a unique cosmetic treat actually stimulate the production of hormones of happiness (serotonin and endorphins), but also nourish the skin, refresh and renew it.

Massage with hot chocolate on cold winter days is a special pleasure.


Chocolate is rich in mineral salts (especially iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, with a very small amount of sodium), vitamins, polyphenols, valuable antioxidants, flavonoids, theobromine, caffeine, stimulants and energizing substances and six amino acids that are essential for your health. These amino acids cause the formation of serotonin, “happiness hormone”, and endorphins, the “pleasure hormones”.


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