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Massage for pregnant women

40-minute body massage with oil on a natural basis.

During pregnancy, the woman’s body goes through many physical and emotional changes, due to which can lead to various problems, primarily stiffness, pressure, pain, and often additional stress.

Massage during pregnancy is focused on the special needs of pregnant women, considering that her body is going through changes.

Massage therapy during pregnancy improves muscle function, circulation and general body tone, relieves mental and physical fatigue.

Back pain is common in pregnancy (as well as during breast feeding or carrying small children). It can be reduced massage the entire back, neck, legs, feet and a light smoothing the abdomen. Poor circulation also affects pregnant women, help can be a body massage that stimulates and improves blood circulation in the body.

Massage during pregnancy can help with insomnia and stress relief and reduce swelling of the hands and feet.

Pregnant women need to visit your doctor before massage. In cases where the doctor does not recommend massage the lower back and abdomen, massage the face, hands and feet.


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