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Pharaonic massage

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world, relax and enjoy the 60-minute massage with warm oil and fragrant flowers.

This massage does not belong to the group of massage where you will be able to fall asleep or sail away somewhere in my mind. It is intended solely tense muscles, joints, tendons, with emphasis on vertebral region, shoulder belt, cervical spine and upper and lower extremities.

Pharaonic massage is an excellent tool in the fight against stress, headaches and insomnia.

This is the perfect combination for those who do not have too much time for the gym, running, swimming and other forms of physical activity.

After the massage you will feel like you are sheltering huge load off. Will experience the flexibility, mobility and elasticity of the body. Pharaonic massage helps to maintain the vitality of muscle, bone and skin.

With pharaonic massage free of tension, nourish the skin and make it younger, softer and shinier and bring body and psyche in harmony.

Treatment duration is 60 minutes.


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