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Basic Pressotherapy 2

Presotherapy – Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage is a medical-cosmetic treatment that promotes cellulite degradation, reduction in volume, tissue retention and edema removal.

Positive effects of lymphatic drainage apparatus:

  • reduction in the foot volume
  • reducing the swelling of the leg
  • breaking and degrading cellulite
  • improving circulation
  • firming and tightening of the skin
  • helps to release toxic substances.

The overall treatment leads to a state of relaxation, cessation of sleepiness and pain that may have been present earlier. Lymph drainage, called and presotherapy, achieves balance of fluid in the body and a better general condition of the body. Lymph drainage has multiple positive effects on our body because it transfers nutrients and oxygen from the blood to each of our cells and collects harmful substances on the return and returns to the bloodstream and is therefore recommended after surgical procedures as it relieves pain, long lasting scars, skin thickening and raises immunity in the treated part of the body.

By this method, the air discharge creates pressure on precisely defined parts of the body, thereby mechanically suppressing the settled intercellular fluid.

Lymph drainage is also recommended for clients who come to body shape treatments and want even better results.

Treatment is painless, yours is just to relax and enjoy.

Duration of treatment up to 35 min.


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