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Med2Contour – wizard to create the body

Med2Contour is the best and first, real alternative to surgical liposuction! It is the only device in the world that provides lasting results that are immediately visible – an average reduction in volume of 2.5 cm after the first treatment. Areas that can be treated are: lower back, abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs, arms and stubborn cellulite.

Why is Med2Contour so popular?

Past experience has shown significant improvement after the first treatment, followed by patients with no pain can immediately continue with its activities. It is important to point out that the results achieved in clinical studies were up to 20 cm reduction of the specific areas of the body. No cuts, no pain recovery, and the result is tight and shaped body.

Are the results permanent?

Med2Contour is currently the only device in the world that provides lasting results! For best results, it is necessary to make up to 5 treatments. For very large or stubborn areas of fat and cellulite is necessary to ten treatments. For optimal success and long-term results Med2Contour treatment is important and the patient’s cooperation in implementing healthy lifestyle – proper diet, taking plenty of fluids and adequate daily physical activity. Therefore, note the following: It is important that three days after treatment in the diet avoid all carbs. Should be consumed quickly usable carbohydrates there is a risk that the discharged body fat stored elsewhere.

The most comfortable body sculpting treatment

Med2Contour is also very pleasant. Customers feeling Med2Contour treatments described as “hot stone” massage.

How does Med2Contour?

Treatment is 100% SAFE – endorsed by the most rigorous quality testing agencies for medical products and devices – FDA approved! Med2Contour routine ultrasound therapy, vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a transformation of the body, tightens and firms the skin and smoothen the bumps on the problem areas caused by cellulite. Med2Contour used worldwide patented applicator with two mutually aligned ultrasound heads and vacuum pump that during the ultrasonic treatment freezes and sucks the fat tissue to be treated. Each head releasing one arm of energy (such as V-shaped), wherein the maximum energy collected in the top of the V, whereby at the maximum heating of the tissue. In this way the supplied energy is completely safe to the skin surface, no adverse effects (sunburn), while subcutaneous, where the fat cells, ultrasonic energy arms meet and overlap and the energy intensity is four times higher. The ultrasound therapy and massage are heated during the treatment target, the problem areas and thus induce the secretion of excess fats and toxins.

Who is not recommended Med2Contour?

The treatment is not recommended for people who have heart disease or circulatory system, wearing a pacemaker, suffering from thrombosis, need organ transplants, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and individuals with metal prostheses or any serious illness, or those who are taking drugs to lower lipid levels or anticoagulant drugs. Each first treatment prior to consultation on which thoroughly inspects critical area, photographed and measured, so they could monitor the progress. In addition to reviewing the current state of an estimated number of treatments needed to achieve the expected results. The number of treatments varies from person to person and depends largely on the size of the person and the desired results. Best results are obtained by performing a series of treatments.


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