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Lower legs hair removal

For skin smooth as silk.

Silky skin represents the standard of female beauty, and every self-confident women will resort to waxing, regardless of the cold days when you can cover your body clothing.

Tips for waxing

The hairs have to be a certain length in order to be similar to waxing. Hairs should be longer than two millimetres, but no more than seven to eight millimetres. Long hair will significantly boost the pain during waxing, and there is a danger of bursting follicles causing hair removal will not be completely successful.

The skin should be clean and dry before waxing. Spill a little powder on the area and blow it – he will pick up moisture.

To avoid irritation to the skin, 24 hours after waxing, avoid going to the sun, flavoured or lotions that contain alcohol, as well as tight clothing.


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