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Hair Removal half arm

Discovered the secret of smooth, soft and at the same time nurtured skin!

Fast, easy and effective hair removal.
For a nice and smooth hands.

Tips for care after waxing

Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas and the like at least 24 hours

How is your skin now very sensitive, even higher prone to infections. Avoid hot water, which further opens up the pores, and generally stay away from any kind of “soaking”, which may increase the risk of skin irritation.

Wearing loose clothing

When you’re at home, choose the most comfortable clothes you can find in her wardrobe. Tight shorts prevent your skin from breathing so they avoid immediately after waxing.

Select the right care products

There are numerous products for use after waxing, which can be used, and that you can help reduce the possibility of growing hair and do your say smooth and silky. It would be good to ask for advice beautician, who would have the best product fit, in order to more properly nurtured this area.


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