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Hair coloring

Hair coloring

Eyelashes make our eyes more beautiful and expressive.

Keep makeup nerazmazanu is almost impossible, why not therefore chosen treatment hair coloring?

Hair coloring is easy and quick treatment that highlights the visual richness of the lashes and gives a more expressive look.

Painting is done with special colors absolutely harmless to the eyes, which do not cause allergies and can be used on an ongoing basis indefinitely.

Our expert team will be in addition to the procedures provide all the necessary information you need regarding maintaining the beauty of your eyelashes.

After this treatment, the lashes are visibly longer and more beautiful, in addition to the benefits of waterproof paint, which gives lashes a completely natural look.

Care Tips

After hair coloring, you have to maintain that the effect would be that long.

Do not rub your eyes and try not to use the usual tools for removing makeup.

Very useful for health and beauty of your lashes is the use of special funds for the care of eyelashes.