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Ultrasound face peeling

Ultrasound face peeling


Treatment of facial cleansing with ultrasonic spatula is the most feathered, most effective and smoother way of professional facial cleansing and is considered the indispensable first steps of all aesthetic procedures. Using combined, low-frequency ultrasonic ultrasonography and special ultrasonic scalp, the skin is “ejected” by unwanted lumps and mitisers!

This treatment is also a perfect alternative to a classic facial treatment because, among other things, shorter duration and minimal traces of skin cleansing are lost for 20 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours after treatment, and it is easier to fit into daily tasks!

During facial treatment ultrasound on the surface of the skin creates a thin layer of ozone, which destroys all the microorganisms, the skin is cleansed and simultaneously and thoroughly disinfected.

After just 20/30 minutes, the duration of facial cleansing with ultrasound cleanses the skin, cleansed, ossified, rehydrated and glitters. This facial treatment has no limitations and is absolutely safe and without any unwanted traces or potential dangers of any crevice of the skin.

Treatment is recommended to anyone who wants to have clean and fresh skin, lasts for a short time and leaves no unwanted traces. After treatment you can immediately return to your daily obligations.

It is especially recommended for people who are often exposed to UV rays (sun or solarium) before and after their stay on the sea or in the mountains because nutrients that enter the skin during treatment (vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, liposomes) eliminate free radicals that are released by sunlight in the skin and binder and thus prevent photostarriage. It is also recommended for people with acne and pimple, as well as people with extremely sensitive skin, where any other aspect of cleansing the face on the skin leaves unwanted traces. Ultrasonic face treatment is also included in treatments that must be performed before a major event due to the effect of perfectly clean and glowing skin!

The facial skin is very sensitive, and apart from being relaxed with old age under the influence of the sun or drying out of cold weather, impurities in the skin are regularly collected and deposited by the mythers. Because of all this, the skin is first and foremost a regular and thorough cleaning, with the removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface, as well as hydration that will restore skin’s moisture, brilliant look and shine.

The treatment is performed with an ultrasonic spatula – an ultrasonic vibration apparatus, which draws myths and all impurities from the skin without any unpleasant odors. At the same time, the spatula removes the superficial layer of dead cells and reveals a new regenerated facial skin. In addition to peeling, this excellent treatment affects hydration, tonus, circulation and leveling.

Treatment results are visible immediately! The skin is thoroughly cleansed, refreshed, glowing and hydrated. Facial cleansing with ultrasonic spatula is recommended for regular face care, as a very pleasant and totally painless treatment. This cleansing avoids all methods of aggressive cleansing of the face and the appearance of unpleasant redness.