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THALGO Mceutic

THALGO Mceutic

This is treatment for combination and oily skin.

Removes stains and irregularities, improves the quality of the skin restoring its smooth and radiant.


Two patented innovations:

1. Marine mesolift – Exclusive Thalgov patent – Bio regenerating infusion – Activates cell metabolism and stimulates fibroblasts to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin.

An extraordinary reactivation of anti-age skin function.

For 373% more collagen was synthesized. For 121% more elastin is synthesized and the skin has been restored to elasticity. Celiac metabolism accelerated by 9%.

2. Neoskin – Exclusive Thalgov patent – Buchu / macro and micro algae – Regulates the cells of the sebaceous glands, acts soothing as an antioxidant.

Marine mesolift is a non-invasive version of anti-age mesotherapy technique.

A patented combination of 34 polio-revitalizing nutrients, hyaluronic acid and anti-age nucleosides.

It contains vitamin PP – prevents premature aging of the skin, reduces cell and tissue damage by neutralizing the effects of toxic products in the body, reduces redness and skin inflammation caused by allergic reactions.