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Nail polish


A pedicure will remove all the imperfections that disrupt the beautiful appearance of your feet. We will shape the nails according to your wishes, followed by varnishing, which will completely beautify the look of your nails and feet.



Pedicure will remove all the imperfections that impair the beautiful appearance of your feet. The nails will create of your choice followed by coating the end to brighten the appearance of your nails and feet.

Spice up your feet!

Tips for healthy nails

Cold weather, stress, threatened immune system and the lack of certain nutrients can also contribute to this condition. The problem of brittle nail syndrome often can be successfully treated with a combination supplement and means for nail care. Healthy nails are strong, flexible, pink and spotless.

Any changes to the nail surface, a certain sign that the disturbed balance in the body. On the health and appearance of the nail is affected by many factors, but diet is the most important.

The structure of the keratin protein of the nail consists of a combination of these minerals calcium, selenium, sulfur and potassium. Therefore, strong and healthy nails depend on adequate intake of these nutrients.

Although nails actually dead tissue, grow from the root of the nail, which is alive and it averaged about 0.3 cm per month. Nails grow faster in summer than in any other season.

To grown quite new fingernail hand, require four to six months. To make a new grown toe nail, it is 8 to 12 months.


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