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A treatment that takes place every 15 seconds anywhere in the world

HydraFacial with its unique technology, VERY LONG-TERM RESULTS and pleasing customer treatment leaves it completely delighted.
For many years beauty insiders around the world love treatment that combines light peeling and infusion of skin with nutrients, and the skin provides everything they need. Cleans the deepest pores and the skin provides the necessary hydration! It removes dead surface skin cells and deeply penetrates the skin with nutrients that make it smooth, shiny and soft.

To whom is the treatment intended?

  • acne
  • greasy and problematic skin especially with extended pores
  • deep cleansing of face and all forms of blackheads
  • rejuvenating and refreshing the face
  • reducing lighter pigmentation
  • remove tired facial appearance
  • hydration of dry skin
  • restoring tone, appearance and skin quality
  • reduction of smaller wrinkles and scars
  • preparing skin for different weather conditions

How does treatment look?
Unlike all the previous devices, focusing on solving a single problem thanks to the current HYDRAFACIAL technology, it is possible to solve more problems at once. The treatment itself is very pleasant, it lasts for a short time (30 minutes), there is no irritation or recovery period (clients can immediately return to their daily obligations), and the results are visible immediately after treatment – pure, shiny, healthy skin.

Daily washing of the face with water and various means does not thoroughly clean the deep pores. Exposure to smog and various impurities will clog pores and exacerbate drowsiness, acne and other facial irregularities. Heavy creams and makeup additionally clog the pores. The skin changes every 30 days, but the dead layers of skin are lagging behind if it is not removed individually, which is not enough for daily facial cleansing. Today, we can say that it is the most sophisticated and effective method of deep cleansing of the face with Hydrafacient treatment. Deep cleansing of the face is not just a matter of aesthetics, health but also hygiene because only after deep cleansing of the face can we say that your face is really clean.