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HIFU – Non-invasive method that replaces surgical treatments and botox

HIFU – Non-invasive method that replaces surgical treatments and botox

Natural Face Lift Treatment – HIFU is the most effective appliance in the treatment of facial, neck and neck cleansing, and breakage of fatty accumulation. This is the newest method of regeneration that does the same with the face, neck and body as the plastic surgery, but without the knife and for much less money. Does not require special care after treatment, you can immediately continue with your daily activities and work. Only one treatment is required to achieve results.

  • More tight, tighter and better skin including forehead, eyes, mouth, neck and neckline
  • Reduces fine and deep wrinkles, pods, pouches under the eyes, dark rings, tightened skin
  • It raises and tightens cheeks without surgery
  • It slows the development and signs of aging on the face, neck and decollete
  • Improves elasticity of the skin and contours of the face contour
  • Reduces the appearance of acne

ONLY ONE TREATMENT is currently achieving instant lifting of the treated area of ​​the skin. Given the effect of prolonged effect, the results will improve up to 6 months after treatment.

The results achieved last up to several years depending on the condition and age of the skin. Treatment stimulates the production of collagen, to regenerate the youthful and firm appearance of the skin.

The face and body can be treated and the whole procedure is pleasant without any side effects.